is It Heartburn or Heart Problem?

heartburn or heart problemWhen your chest hurts, understanding if your soreness is the result of a cardiac arrest or heartburn is a case of life or death. Acid reflux is felt high within the chest and can create a lot of soreness. You may have the pain anywhere between your belly and your mouth area, thus you may think that your acid reflux is really a cardiac event. On the other hand, a heart attack may have symptoms resembling heartburn. Therefore you could end up thinking that your heart attack is only a bad case of heartburn. Nevertheless, reaching for an antacid, instead of phoning emergency services if you are experiencing a heart attack could be a lethal oversight.

Luckily, with a little knowledge you’ll be able to differentiate between them. Monitor your signs and symptoms carefully. Heartburn usually comes with the following signs and symptoms. The first is discomfort from your abdomen to your throat, which is accompanied by a sour, bitter taste within your mouth. The second is that the soreness is nearer to a burning sensation, rather than a feeling of heaviness or even squeezing in your chest. Chest pressure is more likely to be a sign of a heart attack, however it can also be brought on by acid reflux. But when in doubt err on the side of careful attention and seek treatment for a heart attack just in case.

Alternatively, a heart attack is likely to have another group of symptoms. Nausea, vertigo and sweating are a few of the signs and symptoms. Weakness, shortness of breath, stress and anxiety and soreness that advances towards the jaw, shoulders or arms are also symptoms. If cardiovascular disease runs in your family or if you have endured it in the past, these are usually additional warning signs. The timing of the occurrence of the signs and symptoms frequently matters. Heartburn often takes place right after meals. Cardiac arrest can take place at any time, but is more likely to happen following physical exertion. If your soreness is allayed by standing, ingesting water or using antacids it is a lot more likely to be the result of heartburn. Pain from heart attacks will usually not be alleviated by these measures.

Identifying whether you are having a heart attack or perhaps acid reflux is a matter of life and death. Now that you have discovered several ways to differentiate between them, you’re in a position to make much better decisions. But don’t forget, heart attacks are extremely critical issues. If there is any uncertainty, err on the side of extreme caution and look for medical help.

It’s also advisable to work on protecting against heartburn. This may lessen the amount of heartburn that you experience, making life a lot more comfortable. And also the additional large benefit would be that the less heartburn you have, the less chance you could have of mistaking a heart attack for acid reflux. You might also want to have a look at a course called Heartburn No More this is a all-natural, holistic system designed to heal heartburn and acid reflux once and for all.

Heartburn No More

An Overview Of The Heartburn No More Bonus:

Heartburn No More comes with six valuable bonuses. Keep in mind that if you suffer from heartburn, the program by itself already offers a tremendous value. It promises to cure your heartburn completely and I don’t think that you can even put a true value on that. But when you buy the Heartburn No More program it offers even more value in the form of bonus reports. Today, I am going to go over three of the six exciting Heartburn No More Bonus reports.

The first super bonus is personal consulting for three months via email. If you have any questions about the program or anything else, all you have to do is send one email and you will get an answer. Many other programs will charge you a lot of money for consulting, but for now, it comes as a free bonus. There is no limit to the number of questions you can ask and your questions will be personally answered by the program’s creator, Jeff Martin.

The second bonus is a guide to managing irritable bowel syndrome. It will give you tips on how to manage IBS. Many IBS treatments do not work. This report will tell you which treatments don’t work and more importantly which treatments do work. You will also get to learn how stress can trigger IBS and a number of herbal treatments for it.

Finally, the third bonus is lifetime free updates to the Heartburn No More program. Jeff Martin is continually learning more about heartburn. As he comes up with new and better treatments, he will keep updating the program and you will get the full benefits of the updated program.

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How To Strengthen Your Erection Naturally and Control Your Orgasm

You see it day in and day out in the columns of dozens of magazines – the displeasure and embarrassment of men with small penises. Jokes on TV, overheard conversations. It’s a subject that knows no national boundaries, an issue of universal importance worldwide, bordering on obsession. Men are, and always have been, on the search for penis enlargement techniques. Longer, stronger, bigger.

But what do women really want? Is it sheer size? Length? Thickness? Neither? Both? It’s a quagmire of uncertainty and guesswork. At least, at first glance. (no pun intended)

Strengthen Your Erection

But hold the phone. What do women say, really? Surprisingly, when we ask them what matters to them in terms of their partner’s penis size, we get some pretty interesting and encouraging answers.

First, more than a few women do love BIG penises, simply because of the pleasure they can bring. Fortunately for some of us guys, those women aren’t in the majority.

Most women aren’t completely size-hungry. What they DO look and hope for are two attributes: ‘power and strength’, and lasting power. What is ‘power and strength’? It’s simply the condition of the erect penis. Is it soft and droopy, a ‘weak Willie’? Or is it a rock-hard, meaty and robust, powerful erection that throbs with vitality? Does it flaccidly point at the ground or proudly reach for the sky? That is what women crave, and savor when they find one.

Lasting power, as you can guess, is the ability to use that rock-hard tool for a long time without blowing your load too soon.

Penis Advantage: Strengthen Your Erection Naturally and Control Your Orgasm

So is there hope for those of us who aren’t leviathans that can wield their tool for hours on end? Yeah. There is. And the folks at Penis Advantage can teach you how.

Penis Advantage ebook

There are simple exercises, performed at home, that can help you have a bigger penis naturally, without creams or ointments that can make your dick wither and fall off. You can have a stronger, meatier, more powerful erection that points north instead of south just by completing a simple exercise every other day for a couple of months. You should notice an improvement in a couple of weeks, but given a little time and perseverance, you can produce a result that will last a lifetime and have your woman watering with excitement!

Here’s what to do and how to do it:

  • Massage yourself to a full erection.
  • Place a LIGHT flannel cloth or washcloth onto your penis, down near the base.
  • ‘Tense’ your penis so it bobs gently, lifting the towel a little. Women know this exercise – it’s called a ‘Kegel’. (it works for guys, too. Who’d have known?) Tensing and releasing once constitutes one repetition
  • Do up to 25 repetitions, but stop if it feels uncomfortable or you just can’t do that many. Work yourself up to it. Try to do 25 reps every other day of the week for a few weeks.

Once you’ve been performing the exercise for a while, you’ll notice 2 improvements: first, your penis will be rock hard when you have an erection. Veins will be more noticeable and it will appear and even feel weightier. You may even notice up to an added half inch in length and girth because of the increased blood flow to the penis.

Second, your ability to ‘control yourself’ – hold back from ejaculating while masturbating and having sex – will be greatly increased. The reason for this is because you’re exercising your pubococcygeal, or PC, muscle. This muscle is central to the functioning of your penis and is also what triggers ejaculation prematurely when it’s unfit and UN-toned.

Want more information? Penis Advantage Reviews has the best reviews and the know-how to help you increase your penis size naturally.

How To Get Bigger Breasts Naturally

Say No To Breast Implants!

Breast ImplantsMost women are willing to risk their own health for breast implants, they never realize how big of a mistake implants are until it is too late. You can pay the best surgeons in the world to give you your implants but there is always a high chance of scarring, bruising, diseases, and other dangerous side effects.

You may lose some of your senses in your breast after having implants put in, and if you are unlucky you might even get the double bubble effect which is where the silicone is positioned below the fold of the breast. There is no reason to get breast implants except if you are extremely lazy and don’t want to spend some time each day taking care of your breast to promote they’re growth and health.

Choosing to learn all of the secrets of natural breast growth from “Boost Your Bust” is your best and safest choice when it comes to making your boobs bigger, read boost your bust reviews for more detail. If the side effects weren’t enough to steer you away from implants, recent surveys say that the majority of men prefer all natural breast compared to fake breast. The reason for this is because men want to be able to experience the purity of natural breast compared to plastic filled boobs.

Think of it this way, would you rather squeeze your husband’s muscles and feel plastic or would you rather feel real muscle? Anything that is artificial will only bring you temporary happiness. If you are looking for true happiness you will never find it by spending money and cheating yourself, true happiness is the result of hard work and dedication.

You can improve your bust naturally just as much as you could with any breast implants. You will feel a thousand times better about yourself if you grow your breast naturally. Cheating your way to obtain your goals is never a fulfilling experience and the end results are never as good as they seemed. Hard work always pays off and feels better at the end of the day.

How To Get Bigger Breasts Naturally

Breast exercise

Exercise has been an antidote to losing weight and has even been prescribed by doctors to patients in order to prevent diseases.

However who would have thought that exercising could be a factor in increasing your bust. Exercise enhances your appearance, and delays the aging process with the help of strengthen your muscles. Underneath the breast are muscle tissue in which if exercised properly could make your breast perkier and give a larger look. The underlying question is what sorts of exercises target the bust area in particular? Push-ups, chest presses, incline presses, and many other exercises are believed to do the job.  Is it true that with doing push-up proper formation is needed in order for accurate results?  Ladies you are in luck because we’re still able to do what is called the “girl push-ups” in order to get results. However when it comes to doing the girl push-ups it’s important to keep in mind to keep your knees on the ground, don’t bend at the hips, and to keep your hips in line with your shoulders and knees. When it comes to chest presses you may think that you’d need a fancy work bench to do such an exercise. However chest presses can be done in the privacy of your own home on the floor.

The proper technique is to lay on a flat surface and feet could be planted on the ground of flat. You’ll need a dumbbell in each hand and you’d push the dumbbell in an upward position.  Do the chest presses in three set of ten to properly strengthen the chest muscles. When working out try using moderate to heavy weights.

Lastly there are incline presses with incline presses you cannot lay flat on your back. It is important that your inclined between forty-five and ninety degree angle because anything greater than ninety degrees will put emphasis on the shoulders. If you do not have an inclined bench how about using a big size beach ball in its place. When doing incline presses make sure you inhale as you lower the weight and exhale as you raise it.

Exercise is always wonderful but there comes a time when you can over stretch your muscles which is not want you want to do in this case. So always allow a 48 hour time period between workouts as a recovery period. There’s no needs to buy gym membership in which is wasted due to lack of motivation to go to the gym. It’s understood that women like to do things as groups rather than alone. So why not plan a day when you and your friends could work out together in the privacy of your own home. That way you guys could measure each other’s progress in the increase of your bust size.

Following the workout you can then engage in eating some of the delectable food choices in which increases your estrogen levels. Follow these steps and you’re bound to get the results you desire.